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Innovations reign supreme in MVP Geek Olympics finals; final 10 teams dare to be the next big digital disruptor

by Adrian T. Elumba and Katrina A. Mallari | May 30, 2018
With the finals of the MVP Geek Olympics just a day away, 10 teams coming from PLDT, Smart, Voyager Innovations, ePLDT, Maynilad, Meralco, and Cardinal Santos Medical Center are set to make history for the MVP Group as one of these teams will be hailed champion for the most innovative idea and will get a ticket to Silicon Valley. After successfully getting through the semis last week, the teams will now battle it out to convince the finals judges why their idea should be selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Team Ambag – Voyager Innovations 


The team from Voyager Innovations is a millennial group who wanted to address the very Filipino culture of splitting bills, collecting, and following up payments through a digital application aptly called Ambag. A group of two developers, a U/I designer, and a service delivery manager, Team Ambag was able to prove the marketability of their application as a future payments and collection method allowing users to pay their dues and obligations through easily accessible gateways such as PayMaya, 7-11, and even Bayad Centers. The team also has further plans to expand the “Ambag” app to become the collecting platform for freelancers and fee payment for the use of landlords and their lessee that could issue invoices for transactions. For now, they plan to offer the app for free to encourage digital payments but targets to generate revenues through premium subscription accounts, and advertisements.

Team MyCellia – ePLDT 

A promising solution, Team MyCellia from ePLDT hopes to address two key issues: promote renewable energy sources through solar power, and to increase the number of cell sites for the telcos. The team developed a hardware solution that helps generate electricity for houses which can also power a miniature cellsite making homes a potential base station for boosting indoor signal and communities within their proximity. For now, they’ve programmed the solar panel device to cover bandwidth handling 2G and GSM signals but aims to further build their device to cover LTE. Inspired from how mushrooms are actually formed from a growing network of fungus called mycelium, the team hopes to sign up as much houses to install the solar panel cellsites and build the network that could help lower electricity costs and fossil fuel dependency for energy consumption while giving telcos another option to make that needed boost to provide connectivity coverage to as much locations possible. For now, MyCellia is still in development stage and the actual prototype could cost more than a commercial solar panel, but the team plans to further improve their prototype and lower cost through mass production.

The Cardinals’ ILearn – Cardinal Santos Medical Center


The only team to represent the Hospital Group, the Cardinals are gunning to make innovation synonymous to healthcare. This team of nurses from Cardinal Santos Medical Center proved to be one tough competitor during the semi-finals presentation successfully convincing the selection committee their case to help healthcare professionals acquire their new skills certifications for their license renewals with their digital learning and certifications solution, iLearn. For the healthcare industry, completing new skills certifications for their license renewal is a daunting and time-consuming task for healthcare professionals. On average, it takes around three days of learning session and another day for test simulation to complete and get the certification – tedious requirement for a nurse who already sometimes cover 36-hour shifts. iLearn hopes to give nurses the control to digital learning sessions to better manage their learning time. The program can also issues certifications once the user is able to complete the module and pass the actual test.
Team Chronos’ ImNotLate – ePLDT


Ever been late due to traffic or sudden changes in the weather? Or probably cost you more to commute due to surges in Grab which could have saved you a hundred if you booked just 10 minutes earlier? The ImNotLate app developed by Team Chronos from ePLDT was designed to be a really smart assistant in helping you follow your schedule. From their presentation, the solution alerts users of their schedule based on your provided location and destination, your commuting alternatives, computed travel costs, weather forecasts, and automates messages to alert your next meeting how long you will be running late. It practically provides you all the choices to make to never be late. Other than a personal assistant it could also be used by HR organizations to efficiently monitor and manage their agents in the field, alerting each one of their next schedule just enough to make it on time.
Team Cadetes’ Stockee – Meralco


The stock market is an overwhelming marketplace of buyers, sellers, and trading of values – not for the overly conservative. With the tool developed by Team Cadetes of Meralco, Stockee gives interested beginners a hand at handling stock trading without the use of actual cash but the same feel of gaining and losing values of bought stocks through a game. With plans of integrating the tool to Paymaya, users can actually get a feel of how winning and losing with the actual movements of the stock market and eventually help them try their hand at the real thing. Team Cadetes say that there are a lot of people who do want to get their hands at buying stocks but lack the knowledge and means to get into stock trading. Stockee can teach them that with actual experience and risks with the stock movement.
Team Thetas of Manila’s Barricade – Voyager Innovations


Any MVP company could really benefit from knowing each of their customer a little bit more. Creating a more innovative way to engage customers, Team Thetas of Manila from Voyager Innovations developed Barricade – a customer insights platform that can proactively engage customers through machine-learning analytics. Made by a team of young professionals, Barricade is a web-based application that can track behavior of customers based on historical data visible through the Barricade dashboard. It records customer usage and customer score. Customer usage data is provided by the enterprise while the customer score is the output of Barricade. The platform then analyzes customer satisfaction and provides an output of score. Following a subscription model, the team charges its customer enterprise according to the number of users that they have (e.g. $50 for up to 200 end-users). With Barricade as the future of customer engagements, enterprises such as PLDT and Smart can use Barricade to track their customers’ behavior more effectively and efficiently. 
Team LMNP’s Likha - PLDT


With a great combination of digitalization and social enterprise, PLDT’s Team LMNP (Live Making New Possibilities) invented Likha – the first Filipino commercial vending machine that addresses the need for a more sustainable recycling method. Recognizing the lack of social awareness on some of today’s environmental issues, the team created a machine that encourages segregation of recyclable plastic bottles and tin cans. Anyone who makes use of Likha gets rewarded with points or credits through a card whenever they put in their recyclables at the proper bins. The rewards card consist of partner corporate establishments which in turn serve as the team’s target market, and could actually be linked up to Paymaya or their MVP Loyalty Rewards card. The team plans to introduce Likha in every corporate establishment nationwide as it strives to become a part of every corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 
Team Petsmalu’s Boop – Smart 


Without a doubt, pet owners will go the extra mile for their beloved fur babies. Team Petsmalu from Smart created the web application Boop to ensure the safety and well-being of one’s pet dog or cat. Boop is an online platform that provides pet owners access to the nearest veterinary clinic available for the treatment of their pets, specifically cats and dogs. Once an appointment for consultation or check-up has been made, a customer will receive a SMS as confirmation. Customers may also choose a treatment package for their pet including vaccinations, consultations, check-ups, and other care packages. Customers may also upload their profile on the page, including their pets’ medical history. By doing so, the medical history of their pets will easily be made available to the partner veterinary clinic. As one rides through the digital wave, Boop ensures a future-proof treatment for all pets in every season.
Team Vera - Smart


A rescue tool specifically made for motorists, VeRA, which stands for Vehicle Emergency Roadside Assistance, is a mobile application solution where motorists can seek quick and reliable roadside assistance 24/7. Through the application, users can avail of the various services if they ever find themselves stuck in some tricky roadside situations. These services provide car batteries, tires, fuel, towing, and mechanic assistance to the users. VeRA has a 24/7 customer support who caters to the issues brought up by users who booked or used the app. A special feature of the VeRA app is the assistance provided to users who may find themselves in situations where they need help in getting home (e.g. after a late night of drinking and partying). Similar to today’s ride-sharing apps, VeRA also has a different interface for its accredited partner service companies. With team members actually working in PLDT and Smart’s fleet dispatch services department and logistics, Team Vera has their work cut out for them.
Team Cumulus’ Getparked PH - Maynilad


Other than urban traffic, it’s finding parking spots in Metro Manila that is another taxing challenge for motorists. Finding an opportunity in the availability of parking spaces in residential buildings during work hours, Team Cumulus from Maynilad developed the mobile application GetParked PH. Aptly branded as the “Airbnb for parking spaces”, Get Parked PH connects condominium owners to motorists needing parking slots for specific times of the day to allow their parking slots be rented for a period of time whenever they’re out or are not using their parking slots. As payment, the parking fee is dependent on the fixed price given by the owner. Users of the app have the option to choose the location nearest to the user where one decides to park his or her car, while parking slot owners get paid for leasing their space – a 15% commission goes to Get Parked PH including a P30 convenience fee. It’s a feasible model much like Airbnb and knowing parking slots are a scarce resource for Metro Manila motorists, it’s not impossible to see this working out here.

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  1. Angel L. Senina | May 31, 2018
    Go Team LMNP Likha - PLDT
    Concept is not for self convenience, advancement, pleasure and not for monetary gain. the whole idea will benefit the entire nation. Philippines is in need of this technology to better manage and recycle waste

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