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Transforming lives through years of dedication

by Michelle Soriano | Dec 20, 2017

It takes courage to be a dedicated professional for a long period of time. But with a person who has good vision and values the goals of the Company, it won’t feel like they are simply doing their job. It will feel like they are reaching for their dreams. Time flies so fast when you love what you are doing as they say.
This year, 695 awardees were recognized for their exemplary service. 288 of which are twenty-five-year service awardees, 278 thirty-year service awardees, 126 thirty-five service awardees, and three forty-year service awardees. They are commended for their years of outstanding dedication and commitment to PLDT as the business continues to transform and evolve to what it is today. 
Delivering awesome customer experience

20171221features_rommel-arcillaBeing in the Company for 25 years, Rommel Arcilla, who is the Head of Customer Experience Solutions Management for Home, never felt that he was in the industry for that long until the recently held Service Awards. Arcilla became the Department Head Trainee of a major retail company after he graduated college. He started his career in the Human Resource Group and got a chance to witness how an electro-mechanical switching device works when he was sent to PLDT Baguio Exchange to conduct a study about manpower for the zone operations. This was long before the transformation of the technology industry now. 
Arcilla believes that if a company wants to succeed and stay relevant, it must exert its best efforts to be the leading digital services provider amidst the changing times. “Now, in the advent of competition and the “internet of things”, the Company needs to be more agile. This  is quite evident in the current roster of PLDT values such as “Fast is better than perfect.” We all need to be disruptive to help ensure PLDT’s dominance in the telco industry,” Arcilla said. 
It was in 2011 when Arcilla became part of them who helped put up the first PLDT office in BGC from scratch. And up until now, PLDT has been continuously widening their scope to find strategic ways to better engage with their customers. With PLDT being one of the top companies in the Philippines, he is truly grateful that he has been part of it for a long period of time. As he continues his stay in PLDT, he aspires to see it deliver the best customer experience possible. “The true measure of success happens if and when PLDT becomes the top of mind among telcos when it comes to delivering awesome customer experience,” Arcilla said. 
Building digital infrastructures 

20171221features_dennis-donatoDennis Donato has been in service for 30 years as he currently heads the PLDT Enterprise Subsidiaries Account Management. He truly is dedicated on pursuing his career in the Company even before he graduated.  “I considered PLDT as one of the best and leading employer during the mid-80’s and told myself I will build my career and future here,” Donato said.  After several years, he handled an account where PLDT was awarded as one of the best supplier of Texas instrument in the 90’s (North Luzon). It was his most unforgettable task. Donato has seen the evolution of PLDT over the years, from a telco company to a digital services provider. 
Now, he expects that the Company will continue to invest in building digital infrastructures and in committing to serve the country as a whole. As he continues his stay in PLDT, he aims to contribute in his humble ways to regain PLDT's supremacy as the wireless business bleed in success like how it contributed to his career. “PLDT, in all honesty, has practically provided employees (especially my batch) or even seniors the much needed financial support, wisdom, experience and skills. In PLDT, you grow to be a MAN,” Donato said.
Patience and determination

20171221features_boyet-cataquizPLDT Facility Supervisor Boyet Cataquiz, a 35-year service awardee, has been working in PLDT since 1982. He started out as a probationary employee job grade 3 at the Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Department. As his first job, he was really challenged when he was assigned to a Special Project Unit in their home base at PLDT Malugay as they did an electrical and mechanical renovation of the building that will be occupied by the PLDT Human Resource Management Division. Years passed by, Cataquiz became a Certified Plant Mechanic and was promoted to job grade 4, then 5. He was later assigned in the Facilities Management Division where he became a Facility Officer and rose through the position where he is now. And unlike in his early years in PLDT, where they only focused on the electrical and mechanical aspect of their job, they are now doing different tasks due to transformations. 
After all that he has been through, he stayed in PLDT because the Company remained stable and gave him a lot of opportunities that he pursued. “Be patient and determined to achieve the organization's goals,” Cataquiz said. Now, he wishes to successfully manage the facility that he is handling right now and on through the future. CC:

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