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Over 200 employee-dependents make the cut for MVP Academic Excellence Awards

by Katrina A. Mallari | Aug 15, 2019

Some 205 dependents of PLDT, Smart, and Sun employees received scholarship grants recently from the MVP Academic Excellence Awards program of the PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF).

For 15 years now, PSF has recognized the outstanding achievements of employees’ dependents by providing financial assistance through the MVP Academic Excellence Awards, consisting of a one-time grant of P20,000, P30,000, and P50,000  for elementary, high school, and college scholars, respectively. A scholarship grant of P50,000 is also awarded to children with special needs.

Esther SantosPSF President Esther Santos congratulates this year’s recipients of the MVP Academic Excellence Awards scholarship grant.

This year’s theme is  “Create Your Own Journey, Shape Your Own Future.”
“Our theme aims to instill in the minds of the youth that each one of them has the capacity to change their lives and write their own stories by investing in their future through education,” PSF President Esther Santos said.

In photo are some PLDT and Smart executives with some of the scholarship awardees.
In a special digital postcard, PLDT and Smart Chairman and CEO Manuel V Pangilinan congratulated the awardees for continuously pursuing academic excellence. “May this award help you on your journey to create the future you desire not only for yourselves and your family but also for our fellow Filipinos,” Pangilinan said. 

PSF also conferred the educational assistance to dependents of killed-in-action PNP officials, a program that started in 2008.
Honoring your pace

PLDT SVP and Smart CFO Chaye Cabal-Revilla, in her keynote speech said: “In a marathon, the pace and time is up to you. You get to choose how you want to go about this journey, this marathon that is life.” 

PLDT SVP and Smart CFO Chaye Cabal-Revilla delivers this year’s keynote address.

She underscored the importance of six key learnings that start with one’s self. According to her, knowing oneself grounds an individual. At the same time, investing in oneself by learning is important because “education is a great equalizer.” She also emphasized that surrounding ourselves with good people can bring out the best in us.
“Love your family. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will always have your back. Choose your friends. Be with peers who influence you to do better. While doing all these, anchor yourself in God and become a blessing to others,” Cabal-Revilla said.
Appreciating life through learning
Gina Ordoñez

PLDT Group Chief People Officer Gina Ordoñez delivers her closing remarks.

Chief People Officer Gina Ordoñez described the MVP Academic Excellence Awards as a milestone for the PLDT Group. According to Ordoñez, each time the MVP Academic Excellence Awards happens, a connection that goes beyond work is built – one that ultimately inspires an individual to do more and give more.
“To be an awardee of the MVP education program is a blessing. It is through learning that we get to appreciate life, our families, and the presence of God in our lives,” Ordoñez said. “In life and in the many connections we build, we understand better how our families are the best support system we’ll ever have in our lives. For that, we should always be grateful.”

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