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PLDT supports PBSP’s Cebu reforestation program

by Katrina A. Mallari | Jul 10, 2019
PLDT ComRel Division Head Katherine P. Diaz De Rivera and Condrillon, along with some of the employee-volunteers begin to plant some of the 2,500 seedlings.

PLDT, through its Community Relations (ComRel) Division, has partnered with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) for its reforestation program in Brgy. Buhisan, Cebu City which benefits the Buhisan Watershed and Forest Reserve (BWFR), now in critical status after losing most of its water reserves during the summer months. 

At the program’s recent tree planting kick-off, ComRel Division Head Katherine P. Diaz De Rivera led the PLDT employee-volunteers in planting some 2,500 seedlings including Narra, Mowabog, Balite, Kape, Kaymito, Taluto, Tugas, Sabana, Albor, and Ilang-ilang. They were assisted by the Baksan-Sapangdaku Farmers Association.

The PLDT employee-volunteers eagerly plant various seedlings.

“PLDT’s environmental efforts aim to take better care of the Earth that has given us so much - providing us shelter, air, and sustenance to survive every single day of our lives. This tree-planting project enables us to give back to our only home. Now is our time to do something good for our Mother Earth,” Diaz De Rivera said.

According to PBSP Visayas Regional Center Manager Angelie Yulo: “Planting the right trees can help alleviate the recent water crisis. We may not be able to experience the impact of what we’re doing right now, but this is for the benefit of the future generation. We need to save our home and the watershed is our home.” 

The BWFR is one of the watershed systems that comprise the 29,062-hectare Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL), the largest rainforest and only source of potable water in Cebu. Also known as the Cebu Hillylands, the CCPL is home to several endemic and indigenous plant and animal species of the province. 

Diaz De Rivera is joined by PLDT Visayas Facilities Management Head Melchor Y. Condrillon, first row center left; PLDT Visayas Fixed Access & Trans Operations Head Rito Ray A. Salas, first row center right; and other PLDT employee-volunteers. 

The environment conservation event engages corporate and individual volunteers to plant 7,500 tree seedlings and ensure their growth.

On the spirit of volunteerism, Diaz De Rivera said: “It’s refreshing to know that every year, PLDT is able to encourage new members to join our Employee Volunteers Program. This year, the arrival of our new members and this environmental effort joyfully coincide with the PLDT Volunteers’ 15th anniversary celebration.” 

The PLDT employee volunteers patiently and systematically line up per team as they trek the planting site.

The PLDT employee-volunteers were among the 300 volunteers from around 20 companies and institutions that joined the PBSP’s 28th Cebu Hillylands reforestation caravan. 

Since the launch of PBSP’s reforestation caravan, the business-led NGO has mobilized about 17,000 volunteers to plant more than four million tree seedlings in over 1,670 hectares. PBSP has also uplifted the lives of more than 200 farmers in CCPL by tapping them as partners of the program.

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