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PLDT employee-volunteers celebrate 15th anniversary with the elderly

by Katrina A. Mallari | Jul 04, 2019

PLDT ComRel Division Head Katherine P. Diaz De Rivera dances with one of the lolos in Anawim. 

The PLDT employee-volunteers of the Community Relations (ComRel) Division recently celebrated their 15th year anniversary with underserved and abandoned elderly residents of the Anawim Lay Missions Foundation in Rodriguez, Rizal, uplifting and encouraging positivity among the latter.

Eager to take part in PLDT’s various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, the employee-volunteers have often given their time, effort and dedication to serve and give back to the communities. This year, they celebrated their anniversary with the 77 elders living in Anawim, sharing songs, dances, good food and fun games. 

An elderly performs a song while the employee-volunteers dance along. 

PLDT ComRel gave away some goodies and tokens as game prizes to the lolos and lolas, encouraging them to be more active, lively and cooperative which made the entire day even more fun and exciting for everybody. 

PLDT ComRel Division Head Katherine P. Diaz De Rivera recognizes the efforts of the Anawim Foundation in providing a sanctuary for the abandoned elderly. “We salute Anawim for the work that they do in taking care of the elderly. We hope that with our visit, we were able to help by cheering them up even for only a day,” Diaz De Rivera said.

In photo are the PLDT employee-volunteers headed by Diaz De Rivera.

She said the Anawim experience enables the employee-volunteers to help others by going beyond the four corners of the office: “Working with the employee-volunteers is always a pleasant experience. We are very thankful to them for spending their Saturday with our dear lolos and lolas in Anawim.”

According to Julito M. Dela Cruz Jr., an employee-volunteer for 15 years now: “Being an employee-volunteer really has a big impact in my life. It has continuously enabled me to grow holistically. The Anawim experience has made me appreciate the value of giving one’s time, talent or treasure.” 

Some of the elders play hep-hep hooray. 

Founded in 1996 by Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez, Anawim serves as a home for poor and abandoned elderly people.

In their own little way, the employee-volunteers also pooled some funds to help support the residents of Anawim. 

20190704features_anawim5In photo are the PLDT employee-volunteers with some of the elders from Anawim.

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