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PLDT-Smart Foundation brings joy to kids of Loon, Bohol

by Hayden Patulot | Apr 10, 2019
PLDT-Smart Foundation brings joy to kids of Loon, BoholIn photo are students of Loon South Central Elementary School. 

PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF) recently distributed over 70 PLDT Sack of Joy bags containing various school supplies to the students of Loon South Central Elementary School in Bohol province.

“Through this simple gesture, PSF would like to convey to the schoolchildren of Loon that we care for them and we love them dearly,” said PSF President Esther Santos. 

Loon South Central, a public school in Barangay Moto Sur in the town of Loon, has been offering special education (SPED) for students with special needs since 1998.

PLDT-Smart Foundation brings joy to kids of Loon, Bohol
PLDT-Smart Foundation President Esther Santos gives the student her blessing and a Sack of Joy. 

According to Bohol Department of Education SPED Coordinator Carmela M. Restificar, “With the support of our partners, like the PSF, I strongly believe that we can overcome challenges. The turnover of the PLDT Sack of Joy bags from PSF is a clear indication that DepEd has partners with big hearts who are willing to give and share any form of assistance. I can say that together, we can make a difference in the lives of our learners with special education needs (LSENs).”

Unwavering commitment
One of the SPED educators, Nueva Nina Sarvida, teaches through sign language Grades 3 and 4 students with hearing deficiencies. She wakes up every day with a desire to prove that learning has no limits, hoping to create opportunities for her students so they can live a better life. 

Nina Sarvida and her mother Julita Nahial
In photo are Nina Sarvida and her mother Julita Nahial. They are both SPED teachers.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Education, major in SPED, Sarvida began to teach her beloved students whose smiles, she says, speak volumes, their “Thank Yous” in sign language touch hearts like no spoken word can.

Her work does not end in the classroom. She also takes care of the students at the Loon SPED Dormitory for the Deaf where they stay during the school week, learning household chores such as cooking and cleaning, as well as participating in recreational activities and games for personality and social skills development.

The 28-year-old mentor draws inspiration from her mother, Julita Nahial who is a SPED teacher for 31 years now. Known as the “Dorm Mother,” Nahial spearheads and organizes the dormitory that caters to 49 students this school year.

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