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PSF draws big smiles on the faces of children in Quezon

by Katrina A. Mallari | Feb 27, 2019
A student from Guihay Elementary School in Lopez Quezon receives a Sack of Joy from PLDT-Smart Foundation.A student from Guihay Elementary School in Lopez Quezon receives a Sack of Joy from PLDT-Smart Foundation.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to Guihay Elementary School in Lopez Quezon. Even in this short time, it is already quite an adventure. One has to ride in what the locals call, ‘skates’ to get there. A ‘skate’ is a form of transportation similar to a tricycle, but it travels within a railway station. A ‘skate’ is more than just a transportation for the locals. For most of them, it is  their source of income.  

Through the PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF), the students of Guihay Elementary School received more than 180 PLDT Sack of Joy bags. Each PLDT Sack of Joy contains a PSF Composition Notebook, pencil, ballpen, a box of crayon, ruler pencil sharpener, paste, and eraser.

“PSF believes in the power of education in transforming the lives of the youth of today. Through the PLDT Sack of Joy, may the sparks of hope ignite within every student who receive this simple blessing. May this inspire them to work harder in making their dreams happen,” said PSF President Esther Santos.

Head Teacher III Imelda Gabitanan expresses her gratitude to PSF for their generosity. “Receiving the PLDT Sack of Joy means a great deal to us. Thank you, PSF, for choosing us to be your beneficiary. The school supplies will definitely go a long way as the students strive harder in continuing their primary education,” Gabitanan said. 

PSF also partnered with the PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative (PECCI) to spread the joy in two other schools, including Pamampangin Elementary School. The school was nominated by PECCI to be its beneficiary. The students of Pamampangin Elementary School received 150 PLDT Sack of Joy bags. 

“Thank you to PECCI and PSF for their generosity. This blessing is a reminder for us to teach our students well and shape them to be the future leaders of this country,” said Pamampangin Elementary School Principal Christian V. Merjudio.

Aside from Guihay and Pamampangin Elementary Schools, PSF and PECCI also distributed 120 PLDT Sack of Joy bags to the children of Lubid ng Buhay. Truly, it takes a village to do something good – one that is beyond the scope of one’s work. But it is with a heart that generously gives that all things are made possible.  

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