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PLDT adds color to 2018 Kadayawan Festival

by Katrina A. Mallari | Sep 04, 2018
20180905features_kadayawan1The marching band entertains the festival goers. 

People from all over the world come together in one of the country’s most awaited festival — the 33rd Kadayawan sa Davao Festival. For the 11 ethnolinguistic tribes and the Davaoeños, Kadayawan is a thanksgiving celebration honoring their peaceful way of living and nature’s abundant harvest. Celebrated on the third week of August, this year’s Kadayawan theme is “Stand Tall. United. Resilient.” 

“Through the strong collaboration of the Community Relations (ComRel) Division and the PLDT Home team, with the invaluable efforts of the Davao Customer Service Operations Zone (CSOZ) team led by Mr. Alan Abrina, PLDT has always been a key partner in making the Kadayawan Festival a more engaging and enjoyable experience for the Davaoeños. It is truly an honor to be a part of this annual celebration in the beautiful City of Davao,” said PLDT ComRel Head Katherine P. Diaz De Rivera.  

PLDT Davao Customer Service Operations Zone Head Alan Abrina, PLDT Community Relations (ComRel) Head Katherine P. Diaz De Rivera, and PLDT ComRel staff Annie Ferrer and Alice Tuazon pose for a group photo with Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. 

As one of this year’s Festival Gold Partners, PLDT adds color to the 2018 Kadayawan Festival as it supports some of the celebration’s highlight events. This includes a special recommendation by the Kadayawan Executive Committee for PLDT Davao CSOZ Head Alan Abrina to be one of the judges during the Hiyas ng Kadayawan Coronation held in the Rizal Memorial Colleges. 

The other main events during the festival where PLDT made its presence felt include the Kadayawan Ball in SMX Lanang, the Kadayawan Dragon Boat Festival in Sta. Ana Warf, and the Indak Indak/Pamulak sa Kadayawan in Kadayawan Square. 

PLDT supports one of the highlight events of Kadayawan Festival – the Hiyas ng Kadayawan Coronation held in the Rizal Memorial Colleges. 

As Festival Gold Partner, PLDT Home offered some of its products, including the Best Buy Bundle and the Home Prepaid WiFi. PLDT also advertised the event via one LED billboard placements in the Ponciano area. Through some of PLDT Home’s creative efforts, the festival was made more alive as PLDT Home provided colorful balloon blimps within the area and a marching band to welcome the Davaoeños during the grand parade. 

An engaging PLDT Home booth was also made available to the Davaoeños where they can dress up, take a photo, and feel the ‘Kadayawan vibe’ with drum and bugle corps. 

Some festival goers gather around the PLDT Home booth. 

PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications Inc. also made the festival more alive with its various efforts including the Pahalipay sa Kadayawan ni Smart also held in the Kadayawan Square.

Enriching the festival experience, PLDT and Smart also provided free Wifi connectivity within the area, including Rizal Magsaysay Park, Rizal Memorial Colleges Gym, Kadayawan Square, and People's Park. 

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