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PLDT celebrates more than a decade of employee volunteerism

by Katrina A. Mallari | Aug 23, 2018
20180823features_evp1The PLDT employee volunteers renew their oath during the 14th PLDT Employee Volunteerism Program.

At the heart of PLDT, there lies its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that is strengthened by the participation of its employees. Right at the core of every employee is their spirit of volunteerism — one that steers them to do more. Employee volunteerism is more than just taking part in the Company’s CSR activities. It’s giving oneself wholeheartedly and selflessly. Ultimately, these are acts of kindness that are priceless and never expect any reciprocity; only the idea of giving another the most precious gifts of all — time and commitment.

This year, PLDT marks its 14th year of holistically shaping the lives of its employees through the PLDT employee volunteerism program (EVP). The PLDT EVP was launched in 2004 with only 12 PLDT employees who went above and beyond by donating P10,000 from their own savings. All these started out to benefit some of the families affected by the 1990 earthquake. Since then, more than 200 registered employee-volunteers from different PLDT zones and divisions/departments in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao stand together to celebrate the volunteerism oath renewal and welcoming of new members. 

The PLDT employee volunteers come together for a group photo. 

“Each employee volunteer selflessly gives their time to be a part of PLDT’s various CSR activities. It is truly inspiring to see everyone’s untiring support and relentless effort to give back to these different communities,” said Community Relations Division Head Katherine Diaz de Rivera. 

The kick-off celebration of the PLDT EVP started in Manila last June and will be integrated in various PLDT CSR activities nationwide as every employee-volunteer undertake their oath renewal. 

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