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Road to rehabilitation: PLDT supports PBSP reforestation efforts in Buhisan, Cebu

by Katrina A. Mallari | Aug 16, 2018
PLDT Community Relations Head Katherine Diaz P. De Rivera is joined by PLDT Visayas Facilities Management Head Melchor Condrillon and some PLDT Cebu employee volunteers during the tree-planting activity in Buhisan, Cebu.

PLDT is known for its various environmental efforts. Every year, the Company strives to make the Earth greener with various CSR activities that address the need to take care of the planet — our one true home. 

With this, PLDT continues its support to the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) reforestation efforts to rehabilitate the Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL).  

In photo are De Rivera and Condrillon with PBSP Visayas Environment Project Officer Kathrina Mona Abrea and PBSP Visayas Environment Technical Officer Juan Pablo Yao, first and second from right, respectively, with some members of  Dulhugan Farmers Association and PLDT Cebu employee volunteers.

Located at the geographic center of the island province of Cebu, CCPL is a 28,062-hectare watershed that pumps water to the groundwater reservoir. Continuously advocating a cleaner and better environment, PLDT fully funded the tree-planting activity in a one-hectare plantation in CCPL, which is the Buhisan Watershed and Forest Reserve. PLDT’s support to the project includes hauling of seedlings, hole digging, strip bushing, replanting, delineation, and a two-year maintenance. 

Through the PLDT Cebu employee volunteers and members of Dulhugan Farmers Association 2,500 native seedlings were planted in Buhisan Watershed and Forest Reserve. 

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