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Utilities companies make the Top 10 of Jobstreet.com top companies for 2017

by INQUIRER.net | Aug 31, 2017
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Jobstreet Top Companies 2017 (INQUIRER.net)

JobStreet.com, the no. 1 job site in the Philippines, has just released the results of its Top Companies 2017 survey. This year, there are new entrants in the top 10, changing the face of the annual list.

Utilities firms, for the first time, have broken into the list, with electric distribution company Meralco as the overall top preferred company of jobseekers and telecommunications company PLDT Inc. at number nine.

Food and beverage conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC) takes second place while tech giant Google Philippines leapfrogs to third place from last year’s eighth. As for the rest of the previously unmovable top 3, wellness multinational Nestlé Philippines takes the fourth place while the foremost business process outsourcing in the country, Accenture, is in fifth.

The only Henry Sy-led company on the list this year and the lone financial institution in the top ten, BDO Unibank, is sixth this 2017. Consumer goods giant Procter and Gamble rises is this year’s seventh and ABS-CBN Corporation, one of the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company, is eighth this year.

Rounding up the top companies most of the Filipino workforce prefer to work is consumer goods multinational Unilever, which was last seen in the 2015 list now takes the tenth place this year.

Recognition expands to other strong employer brands
The Top Companies Report, now on its fourth edition, is expanding to give out special awards to category and regional winners. These companies are bring recognized for their strong performance in their respective categories and areas.

Regional awardees this year include Bank of the Philippine Islands for Central Luzon, for Shell companies in the Philippines for CALABARZON, and Aboitiz for Central Visayas. For the corporate category, awardees include Shell companies in the Philippines, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines and SM Investments Corporation. In the BPO category, winners are JPMorgan Chase Bank, IBM Business Services, and Convergys Philippines.

Job security matters more this time
Part of Jobstreet.com’s survey on which companies they aspire to be a part of is the question why they want to work in these firms. Last year’s survey showed that a competitive basic salary is the primary reason when choosing a firm to work for whereas the candidates asked this year indicated that job security is the foremost reason for their consideration.

These choices indicate that professional Filipinos are more interested in the long-term gains, as factors that directly affect their professional lives such as career growth offerings and promotion, and career-enhancing training and development opportunities. A strong leadership team that can mentor them in their professional trajectory are now more preferred, making it in the top 5 attributes of an aspirational company.

A total of 3,658 respondents participated in this year’s series of surveys that were sent out in May 2017. The respondents came from different position levels (predominantly junior executives and fresh graduates) and represented various specializations.

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