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PLDT opens first store in Ayala mall

by Olive O. Barrozo | May 18, 2017
A groundbreaking PLDT Retail Store, opened recently in Solenad Mall, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, is a first in many ways. It’s the first flagship store inaugurated in 2017 and the first retail store located in a competitor’s mall.

“This is PLDT’s 1st store in an Ayala Mall, a milestone in our flagship stores project. It is part of our expansion in areas where we thought it was impossible to be present, being a competitor’s territory. But we were able to get in, so it’s such a big accomplishment,” said PLDT HOME Business Development Head Louella Aquino. “Located strategically, this newest store can be found in front of the mall’s Activity Park where people converge most, if not all of the time.”

Like the PLDT flagship stores in other areas of the country, it embodies the retail store concept while offering a redefined customer care experience for subscribers and visitors. Featuring a Video Wall and the 32” Interactive Table with its custom-made PLDT games and apps that entertain customers and their families, this state-of-the-art facility also contains the Infotouch, the HD-quality 24” touchscreen user-friendly monitor where subscribers can learn more about PLDT products and services, as well as inquire about their bills and repair requests, among others.

According to PLDT VP for Customer Care and Sales Support Paolo Lopez: “Opening this innovative Retail Store is in line with PLDT’s direction to change and expand by competing not just in our comfort zones but in unusual territories as well. Solenad is a new location, a new battlefield that we will vanquish.”

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