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New PLDT executives talk about culture transformation

by Katrina A. Mallari | Mar 12, 2017
Leaping towards the digital pivot, the PLDT Group continues to ignite innovation within the organization, enabling a culture that thrives on an agile work environment and delivering awesome customer experience. Delivering on the customer promise

PLDT Chief People and Culture Officer Liza Sichon shares new perspectives and insights in transforming the Company’s culture. Having worked in Silicon Valley equipped with a diverse background in HR looking through the lens of both a practitioner and as a consultant, Sichon emphasizes how the ongoing business transformation needs to run parallel with a culture transformation roadmap that will draw from the collective strengths of our people to hasten our momentum in re-establishing undisputed market leadership.

Taking the steps to create an ideal corporate culture certainly takes time. It is critical to first assess the current culture – what works and what needs to change. Sichon and her HR team recently launched a culture survey to help determine the Company’s three-year culture transformation roadmap. “Based on the results of our survey, we will implement plans to take us to our ideal culture,” Sichon said.

Furthermore, Sichon also emphasizes the need for a strong customer promise that engages employees to become brand and culture ambassadors in propelling the Company to greater heights. Sichon shares that together with the top management team (TMT), she is committed to help enable our people to deliver awesome customer experience across all touch points through a superior network and reliable products, services, and touchpoints. Change starts from within and the kind of employee experience shaped by the corporate culture will also determine the kind of customer experience the Company offers.

“We need to be focused on our strategic roadmap so we can have the culture and talent to make us the top employer in the country,” Sichon added.

Admittedly, Sichon says that transforming the Company culture will be a challenge that requires team effort, persistence, and continuous collaboration. For her, having clarity in terms of the Company’s goals and objectives is key for this turnaround. In this digital era, she believes that being consistent with the Company’s transformation efforts will enable significant changes to eventually happen within the company.

“For us to be relevant in the new digital world, we need to adapt and learn new ways. As our Chairman says, we need to have the humility and mental honesty to learn new ways of delivering our customer promise,” Sichon said.

Fostering a customer-centric culture

With an extensive background in advanced data analytics (ADA) and customer-centric marketing, PLDT Chief Customer Experience and Data Analytics Advisor Ralph Brunner reveals his key strategic priorities in line with the PLDT Group’s digital transformation. “I see a tremendous opportunity for enhancing the partnership and collaboration across the companies in the Group, and creating new, exciting value propositions that bring together benefits from different lines of business to make an even bigger impact on the customer’s life,” Brunner said.

Brunner divulges the current state of the Group’s customer experience efforts and commended the great work of the employees. He also underscores the importance of mixing well data analytics with these efforts to champion a personalized customer experience.

“'Personalization' is another critical theme. We can leverage ADA tools – such as advanced data modelling, behavioral economics, and dynamic learning – to help personalize and improve our customer experience,” Brunner said.

As he takes on the role, Brunner aims to make a real difference in the lives of the customers. Anchored on partnership and collaboration, he plans to work closely with the businesses to create data insights and deliver more personalized and relevant customer experiences. “We’ll measure the impact we have with customers on a Customer Value Scorecard, which will include customer experience and incremental revenue measures,” Brunner said.

“In short, we’ll partner closely with the Business and Network teams to deliver a strategic business system for advanced data analytics and customer experience, measure results, and celebrate victories together with our partners,” Brunner added.

Reigniting growth through better customer understanding

With a rich background on the telecommunication industry, Transformation Adviser Keith Walter pores on the prevalent situation in the Company, which is facing a challenge in the continuous growth of the Company. Despite the rapid change in technology, Walter underscores key strategic plans in order to bring advancement and development in the Company.

“My experience tells me the secret to success is being clear on where you want to finish and getting there as quickly as possible with as few changes as possible. Changing an organization is hard work,” Walter said. “Everyone needs to understand two key success factors – why we need to change and how we are going to accomplish the change.”

“In PLDT’s case, we have a rich history and great brands. We simply need to do a better job of understanding our customers and then align our execution to re-ignite our growth,” Walter added.

Collaborating on leadership, Walter emphasizes the need for a strategic alignment of visions and goals, ultimately enabling further growth in the Company. “I hope to gain leadership alignment on specific milestones and metrics that support our growth and transformation; assisting PLDT in solving any problems that stand in the way of our success; and facilitating internal and external communications that give our employees and investors’ confidence that PLDT is on the right path in its digital pivot journey,” Walter said. CC:

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