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Embracing digital

by Christian Imperio , Student-Trainee, Cavite State University | Mar 13, 2017
The onset of technological breakthroughs is paving the way for humanity to scratch the surface of enlightenment; anchored on the idea of a great digital journey. As the Company heads towards digital transformation, ACC:ESS, the official publication of the PLDT Group, dives in the uncharted waters as it begins to unfold a new chapter in its decade-long existence.

Through the years, ACC:ESS magazine has undergone a series of remarkable changes. As PLDT transitions to the digital age, the new publication aims to propel the Company to greater heights by bringing innovative and effective means of communication; far-reaching and customer-centric.

Finding a new home within the spaces of the world wide web, ACC:ESS’ new platform becomes an avenue that chronicles the milestones of the largest multi-media company in the country. This digital transformation enables ACC:ESS to showcase shareable content in multimedia formats and reach audiences beyond the PLDT Group.

As this new chapter unfolds, it is but fitting to go through memory lane as we recall the journey of the Company’s official publication all through these years:

Good Transmission: Humble beginnings

Good Transmission, which started in 1935, witnessed the humble beginnings of PLDT’s efforts in gaining a foothold in the country’s telecommunications industry. Its early editions published grainy black and white photos against rows of paragraphs — a layout that resembled that of paperback books.

Despite the publication’s mundane appearance, Good Transmission had a lot to offer during its infancy. It provided a variety of sections, aiming to spark interest among employees as well as create a culture of employee engagement. It rolled out full-length feature stories on the commendable services of its employees, as well as articles about the various departments of the Company.

It also had pages dedicated to the “News of the Month in Pictures,” featuring the various events including special gatherings and parties every month.

Good Transmission also delved into opinion and commentary by running columns like M. Fernandez’ “Commercial Reports,” Jose V. Habana’s “Accounting Brevities,” A.A. Alcantara’s “Plant Activities” and A.D. Sison’s “Echoes from the Provinces.”

Also part of Good Transmission’s monthly edition was the Sports section, which featured the employees as they participated in numerous sports tournaments in the Company.

DIALTONES: Fitting tribute in building telephone lines

As the publication reflected the zeitgeist of the 1970s, it marked the decade with a few major improvements. One of the changes it made was renaming the publication from Good Transmission to Dialtones — a fitting tribute to the Company’s efforts in building telephone lines across the country.

Although the articles were still printed in black and white, the pages became wider and longer and resembled that of the major dailies. Furthermore, apart from the new nameplate, a banner headline and photo graced the front pages of Dialtones every month.

The publication’s rebranding was not all about discarding the old parts, as it had also kept some of the sections that Good Transmission introduced, including the Opinion and Commentary sections. It ran an editorial together with R. Abrahan’s “PECCA Views,” E. M. Portacio’s “Your Safety Corner” and A.T. Magno’s “Potpourri.”

Other improvements which Dialtones made were the activity photos, “Welcome to the PLDT Family” section, “Tele-Laugh” and “Industry Newsbites.”

ACC:ESS: Rebranding in the new millennium

At the outset of the new millennium, which entailed a myriad of technological improvements, the publication rebranded to its present name, ACC:ESS. The new brand was launched in 2000, when the Media Division conducted a month-long contest dubbed as “Name the new publications contest.” While preserving the old layout, it finally included colored photos alongside the usual write-ups.

ACC:ESS has served as the official monthly publication of PLDT and its subsidiaries and affiliates — Smart, Piltel, ACeS, Infocom, Mabuhay, Home Cable, Clark Telecom, Subic Telecom, ePLDT, and Telesat Inc — with 18,500 copies distributed to offices as far as Laoag, Ilocos Norte in the north and Zamboanga in the south. It also reinvented its design, adapting a magazine type of publication that featured PLDT’s celebrity endorsers such as Angel Locsin, Kris Aquino, Robin Padilla, and Whattamen’s Marvin Agustin, Dominic Ochoa, the late Rico Yan and a host of other celebrity endorsers of the PLDT and Smart brand products.

An addition in its latest version was the inclusion of a literary section dubbed “Life & Arts” Providing the employees with an avenue to showcase their great command in literature through their short stories, poems, and essays based on monthly themes.

Digital pivot

The PLDT’s official publication has always been in the forefront of reporting and recording the Company’s history. As PLDT continues its digital pivot, the fully digital ACC:ESS magazine is expected to accompany its readers in their journey. And as it sets a new course of action this year, a more innovative approach is in the offing in delivering the latest updates on the Company’s achievements.

From flipping the pages of the printed copies to browsing through the web pages, the call for a new transformation enables employees and internet users alike to access the new contents of digital ACC:ESS.

Embracing the digital transformation doesn’t only mean overhauling the outdated version of ACC:ESS magazine. It also means gleaming in the future that entails limitless possibilities.

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